Business Valuation & Co-Branding FMV

MRC Global will perform a comprehensive valuation analysis to support transactions.  We can support majority transactions, fractional interest, consolidation support, real estate, fixed assets and litigation support.  This information can be used to support early capitalization, buy-in/buy-out and mergers/acquisitions. We have also developed a methodology to analyze and opine on co-branding allocations between sponsoring companies and participating physician groups.

  • Spinal, orthopedic, trauma and neurological implants and bone void fillers
  • Biologic, tissue and human cellular based products
  • Ophthalmic disease screening devices and instruments
  • Medical mobile applications
  • Capital equipment with software (cardiac, imaging, navigation, light and laser-based devices)
  • Dental devices
  • Personal protection equipment (masks, shields, gowns)
  • Direct to consumer marketing cost allocation