Strategy, Operations & Marketing

MRC Global provides the resources and expertise clients need to improve operations and enhance financial outcomes.  No matter what stage a business is in (startup, commercialization or exit), we assist clients in strengthening core components that improve internal performance and elevate external market value.

  • Global submission oversight
  • Interface with FDA and notified bodies
  • Due diligence and integration planning
  • Sales and marketing acceleration
    • MRC Global assists clients with all aspects of sales and marketing from the message platform, to identifying better lead generation tools and increasing their “close ratio”. To accomplish this, we assist clients in refining their strategic position to better align with key targets. MRC Global can also create an integrated marketing plan with specific channel strategies that include everything from cold calls and direct sales, to trade advertising and social media. Whether a client is seeking to expand sales and marketing to new markets, or better compete in a highly saturated market, MRC Global can work with them to increase overall sales and grow market share.
  • Strategic positioning
    • MRC Global identifies clients’ strategic position within the market as a baseline for strategic planning and business development. This includes an accurate understanding of the organization’s unique offering and value proposition within its sphere of influence. The planning process defines both current and potential market share and outlines the trajectory for maximum success.
  • Market research
    • To maximize market potential, MRC Global can perform a market assessment that includes current market dynamics and projected trends, as well as the competitive landscape. This provides clients with the data they need to assess market size/potential while evaluating current customer alignment and new market/target acquisition.
    • Operational assessments/company due diligence
      • To accurately assess an organization’s core strengths and weaknesses while identifying opportunities for improvement, MRC Global will gather and analyze key information. This may include meeting with key individuals and reviewing internal documents. The results often include an assessment of high-priority financial items such as profitability and debt. We provide a detailed action plan that will serve as a road map for needed structural improvements focused on key assets and primary resources/staff.